Create An Attractive Logo For Your Online Business (15 Best Strategies)

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Logo is one of the most important peace in your marketing strategies to attract more customers to your business. Your website, business cards, banners Ads, flyers and more, all need a good and attractive design.

Creating a logo can be easy or complicated depend on the design. More the logo is well designed, more need knowledge and sophisticated tools. Having the right color, font, be simple, sweet and unique, all are factors making you design perfect and attract more audience.

In this post, we’re going to explain you all details and strategies to get a very good and attractive logo design for your online business.

Why Having A Good Design Is Important

Millions of businesses and websites exist in the world and only few of them become big companies. Logo is not the only factor making them bigger, but it helps a lot with business success.

Having a nice and sweet design makes people love your business even before to know what it’s offer. This is the first impression people have when they first see any logo. They can love it or not, depends on how the design is made, the font, the color and more factors described in this guide.

Design An Attractive Marketing Design

An attractive design for marketing is a strategy used by all big brands to create a special emotions of love and trust with their audience, making their customers feel familiar and comfortable with your business.

A well done design, font, colors and type, make your logo adorable and easily acceptable. For this, it’s very important to find a good designer to make your design, this can be expensive, but it worth it any penny spent in your brand marketing, since this what will make your business successful.

However, as a startup, you may not have the budget to make a great design. Just start with a basic nice design, meanwhile you grow and change it as you progress. As you can see in the picture below, even the biggest brands like Amazon change their logo design over time.


Different Types Of Logo Design

Logos comes with different types, some have text only, others have icon only, one letter only, and many have a combination of text and icon. The icon can be on the top, right or left. Each design has its goal and designed according to the brand to attract customers. In this section, we’re going to list the types of designs.

Pictorial Design

This type of design use symbols without any text. The symbols usually have a meaning like Twitter use a bird to define tweets. Target use a target symbol matching perfectly the brand name. Some other brands also use this type of design to define their brands.


Abstract Design

This type of design looks like the pictorial type, but is abstract and has no specific meaning. The design has no text and only an icon representing the brand. Some well know brands use this type of design like Pepsi, Nike, Spotify and more.


Combination Design

This kind of design is the most popular, using the combination of text and image or icon. This is the kind of design startups should use when first creating a new business, because using a pictorial or an abstract types will make it hard for you to market your brand, and for your customers to know about your business.

This design is perfect for any kind of business. You can use either an image or an icon depend on the brand. You can put the icon either on the top, the right or the left side of the text. This design allows you to have a clean and simple logo, which is the main strategy for a successful logo design.

Logo pic6
Logo pic7

Mascot Design

Mascots are usually used in cartoons, sport teams, gaming, kid products and some food brands like KFC and Wendy’s. These type is more attractive and doing well for the marketing, it’s easy to remember and adore. However, it’s hard to design, create, and more expensive.

Logo pic8
Logo pic9

Emblem Design

Emblem designs are usually used by universities, schools, government agencies, sport teams and some food brands. They are composed of symbols, images, icons, text, and made with professional design with multi-colors.

Logo pic10

Letterform Design

This kind of designs are also called monograms, they are used by some big companies already established and have their customers base. People know the brand from the logo without the need of adding next to define the business name. McDonald’s and Adobe use this king of design. In the opposite of the pictorial types which are made by one image or icon, the letterform types are made only by one letter instead.

Either one letter or one icon, these kind of design are used only by the big companies, if you are a startup, avoid using this king of designs, since it will be hard for you to market your brand, and hard for your customers to know your business.

Logo pic13
Logo pic14

Wordmark Design

This type is also called logotypes, it’s used by many businesses to define what the brand is all about. This type looks like the combination design but without the icon. Some well known brands use this type like Google, Coca-Cola, Canon, Oracle, Panasonic and much more.

If your business is new or has few years, you can use this type, just make sure to choose the right font and color, since the main piece making this logo unique is the font. Check google font to find the perfect one for your design.

Logo pic15
Logo pic16

Strategies To Have A Great Design

All businesses in the world work hard to have a great design to easily market their brand. Some are spending a lot of money to get the best results, because this will make you save money in long term by not spending a lot on marketing and advertising, the design will do the job for you. Professional designers follow a specific strategies to make a great design.

Make It Simple

This is the most important strategy to use when designing your logo. Almost all brands are reviewing their old and complicated design to make it supper simple. As example, the new Wendy’s design is simpler than the old one, same for Amazon and much more.

Customers nowadays like the simplicity and easy to understand, having a complex design with a lot of text, icons, fonts and colors, may confuse your audience and make them feel not comfortable with your brand. So, always make your design simple.

Logo pic17

Use The Right Font

The font is the main part of the design success. Each logo has its own signature, and the font who makes the design unique. As example, Coca-Cola font is very special and recognizable because it has its own special font. Many other designs has the same specification which make them memorable. Open the free google fonts list to find the one who fit with your brand.

Choosing the best font depends on the brand and business activities. If your business is all about cartoons, you may choose the fonts witch goes better with this niche. If your business is food, there is also certain font matching better. And if its luxury, other fonts may be better. Do your research in google fonts and find the best for your business.

Use The Right Colors

As the font is the main peace, the color came just in the second position as an important element. Colors have very specific psychology, each color has it’s own meaning and create a specific feeling. Depend on what you are looking to create as emotions with your audience, choose the right color for your brand. Read our full guide about colors psychology.

Make It Memorable

Creating a sweet, simple and nice looking make your design memorable. Using very complicated design make your audience feel overwhelmed and forget it quickly. Design a simple logo with nice font and color, make your audience feel comfortable and easy to remember.

Make It Adorable

It’s hard to make an adorable design, but professionals can do that for you. If you are comfortable following this strategy, do your best to make it look adorable. You can ask your audience what they think about your design and what they can propose to you. You can always create another design in the future, so, don’t let the logo making your business start late. Always, start and improve as you grow.

Make It Timeless

Making a design representing something happening now, may let your design loose it’s meaning in the future. If you create a specific design including a computer icon, this may let your design get old in the future with the new technology. Today we have computers, but these computers may become obsolete in the future, and your design need to be updated, which is possible. But avoiding this from now, make your design live longer.

Typeface Design

If you want to go with the mascot type design, make sure to select the best face representing your brand, smiling, happy, nice face, always attract people and make them feel good. Again, don’t choose a specific figurine may get old in the future and make your design outdated.

It’s always a great idea to have a mascot design, but this type needs a professional designers and a lot of work, it can be expensive, but if this is your choice, go ahead with it and make it happen.

Make your logo unique is also one of the biggest strategies, using an existing one, will make your audience loosing trust on your business, since people don’t like copiers but creators. This may also make you in big trouble with justice if the owner complain about you. Take your time, be creative and ask professionals if you need help, this will make your life easy and help your business to grow.

Creating your own logo is possible by using the free software listed in the next section. However, having a great design representing your brand and creating the right emotions for your audience maybe challenging.

Designing a logo needs marketing knowledge and a lot of technical skills, even professional designers take time to figure out the best type to use, font, color, 3D or not and much more options, to make the design gives the best feeling possible to your customers. A lot of strategies are taken into consideration to make a great design for the next years to come.

If you have all these skills and marketing strategies, go ahead and make your own design. If not, find professionals in Fiverr and let them help, instead of spending time trying and ending with a poor designed logo. By the way, professionals in Fiverr make more than a logo, you can also ask to create your business cards, Ad banners, flyers, and much more.

For your website though, our recommendation is to learn how to create your WordPress website yourself and have full control on your online business.

Best Logo Maker Software

Which is the best, designing your logo by yourself or with a professional ? There is some free and paid tools you can use to get your design done. The free software allow you to create your design online from a pre-made templates, you can change the text, font and color to use it as your logo. The paid software in other hand, allow you to connect with professionals and let them make your design.

Here we list some free software you can use to create your own logo : Canva, Adobe, Logo Makr and Free Logo Design. If you want your design will be made by professionals, use Fiverr which is very affordable, and with only few dollars it gives you the possibility to have a great logo design. Our recommendation for startups and established businesses, is to use the paid software, because the end results are much better than the free software.

Logo Sizes And Output

This is the final step on your logo design, after finishing the creation, you need to export your files, whether using free software or made by professionals, you need to choose the right size and output extension.

There is many type of extensions you can use when exporting your files, .jpg or .png has different output and end results. When talking about logos, the best output is the .png, since this extension gives you the possibility to have a transparent background, which allowing you to put your logo anywhere in your websites, business cards, flyers, t-shirts, pen, a store and in any place.

Also, to take in consideration is the end result quality, exporting only small size may makes your logo look blurry and lose its pixilation. Same thing if you export only big format and use them in small surface. Our recommendation is to export the .png extensions in many different sizes, from the smallest to the biggest sizes, and name them accordingly, like this, you can use the right size in the right place.

Final Thoughts

Creating a logo for your online business is one of many steps for any entrepreneur. The logo is not just a text and icon, is the image of your brand and the first impression for your audience. When thinking about the design, keep your audience in mind and study the best font, color and message you want to give to your customers.

This step can be time consuming and challenging, but when it’s done well, it worth every second and dollar you spent. You can use the free software to create your own logo by yourself, or give it to professionals to make you a great design. Our recommendation is to use Fiverr and let professionals create the best logo for your online business.

At the end, we hope this guide will help you in your logo creation journey. It can take time, but be patient and you will be happy at the end.

Please leave a comment below and share your experience with us. This will help new entrepreneurs in this step of their online business creation.

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