How To Create A New Gmail Account For Easy Online Business Management

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Having a New Gmail Account maybe the first step on starting your online business. This will allow you to manage your personal and business emails separately.

You may already have a personal account and it can be Hotmail, Yahoo or any other email provider. But Gmail specifically, is the best for your online business for many reasons. Gmail gives you a flexibility to easily manage your entire business from anywhere.

Who Can Create A New Gmail Account

Anyone can create a new Gmail account, whether you are 14 years old Kid, or 70 years old Grandma, you can create your own Gmail account as well as your new online business. If not already done, find here all needed resources to start your own online business with ease.

Why New Gmail Account

Gmail is a totally free e-mail service offered by Google. Gmail is a preferred email solution with over a billion active users. Like all other e-mail providers, you can send and receive e-mails, stop spams, create a calendar and do various other options. It also has more unique features making Gmail the most popular online e-mail solutions.

Many benefits Gmail account has to offer. To begin with, a new Gmail account is free with more than 15 Gigabit of storage. You can use it to connect to almost all online applications. Create and personalize your profile on Google Chrome. Create all your documents online using the free Google Suite like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Extensions and much more.

These features allow you centralize all your data in one place and access them from any device, computer, tablet and smartphone. It also offers more features in the most secure and highly stable platform, since it have a great anti-spam filter to keep your inbox clean.

How To Choose A Name For Your New Gmail Account

You can use your own name for your new Gmail account, but because in this case the Gmail account will be used for your online business, try to use your business name instead.

In our case, I can use one of the following., if it already taken and not available, I can be creative and use another one like,,, and so on.

If you don’t have a name for your online business yet, you can either take time to find your online business name and create your new Gmail account, or choose a name related to your niche, and use it for your online business.

Unlike your domain name you will be using for your WordPress website which have to be the same as your online business name, your Gmail account don’t have to be the same, because you will create a professional email with your domain name you will use for your email marketing.

How To Create A New Gmail Account

Creating a new Gmail account is a quick process, just follow the easy steps below :

1- Open and click on the button “create an account”.

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2- Fill in the requested details which are your unique information like the First Name, Last Name, Username and Password, then click Next.

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3- Enter your phone number to verify your account, a recovery email you can use in case you forget your password, your birthday and gender. These are optional information, you don’t have to entre them.

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4- In case you entered your phone number, you should receive a text message (SMS) on your phone with a verification code to validate the number entered is good. Enter the verification code if needed.

5- Accept Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by clicking “I Agree”.

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6- Your new Gmail account is now created. You should have access to your Gmail inbox.

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How To Sign Out From Gmail Account

By default, Gmail remain connected on your devices, if you want to manually sign out, in your Google profile icon in the top right of the browser, click “Sign out” or Sign out of all accounts if you have more than one account attached to your profile, you may be asked to validate, click “Continue”, and your Gmail account will be signed out.

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How To Open A New Gmail Account

1- Open If you never connect from that browser, click “Sign In” as in the first image below. If you already was connected, just click your Gmail account as in the second image below.

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2- Enter your new Gmail account, it should be like [email protected]. Enter your password and click “Next“.

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4- Google can ask to enter the verification code, if so, your should receive a code to your phone.

5- When you receive a verification code, enter the numbers and connect to your Gmail account.

Add Other Accounts To Your Gmail Account

If you have an existing personal email accounts and you want to add them to your new Gmail account and manage all your accounts in one place, just follow these few steps :

1- In the top right of your browser, click the “Settings” icon and “See All Settings“.

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2- Click “Accounts and Import“. In “Send mail as”, click “Add another email address”.

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3- Enter the email address you want to add, and follow the steps by entering the requested information. You may ask your provider for the information since each provider has how own port number and so on. When it finish, your other accounts will be added to your new Gmail account.

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4- From now, you can send and receive emails from your new Gmail account, all added accounts will be managed in one place, no need to open many account to manage each account separately.

What You Can Do More With Your Gmail Account

Now, your new Gmail account is up and running, more that sending and receiving emails, you can create documents using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and much more.

In the top right corner of your browser, click the dots to open the application list, from there, click to any of the available applications to start using them immediately. The most used apps are Docs and Sheets, where you can create your Word and Excel files for free, all you need to have is an internet connection, since the apps are cloud based and can be accessed only online. The benefit of this, you can access your data from all devices using your Gmail account.

Otherwise, you can open the “Settings” and have access to all configurations you may need to do on your account, like changing the password or even deleting your account, just keep in mind that deleting your account will result on losing all your data including emails and documents.

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Final Thoughts

Creating a new Gmail account is the first step to start your online business, when you have a Gmail account, creating your profile on Google Chrome will be the next step, to be able to manage your online business from anywhere. Organize your data by adding your Bookmarks, creating Docs and Sheets, having your business history and much more.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave us a comment. I improve regularly our content to help startups and new entrepreneurs starting their online business easily and mastering WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, and more.

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