How To Setup Your Own Website On The Best Website Hosting Providers (10 Easy Steps)

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You are looking for the best website hosting provider to host your website, but not sure which one to choose? You are in the right place. In this post, we are going to explain you step-by-step what is website hosting, how to find the best website hosting provider, how to setup your account, installing your WordPress and more. And as a bonus, we are going to share with you our coupon code to get an extra discount.

What Is Website Hosting

Website hosting is a service provided by companies specialized in hosting websites. They have a complete infrastructure to make websites accessible on the internet all the time to the public.

When you access any website from your computer or smartphone, the pages you get on your browser are the website’s pages, which are loaded from the hosting servers to your browser, which can be located in any place in the world.

How To Find The Best Website Hosting

There are a lot of website hosting providers in the market, and each one has its own types, plans, options and features. It’s sometimes challenging to find which one of them is the best to use for your website hosting.

Many parameters are to take into consideration before to select the best web hosting provider. Plans Variety, Speed, Security, Backup, Availability, Free Domain, Free SSL, Free CDN, Great Support and much more.

Check our complete guide, explaining in detail the web hosting, how it works, with full explanation about the web hosting services.

TMDHosting and SiteGround

After full and deep study of many website providers existing in the market, many are good and provide a good service. The best we recommend are TMDHosting and SiteGround, which provide all best features, options, support and more.

These options provided by some best website hosting providers and not all of them. Using TMDHosting or SiteGround will let you host your website with confidence and peace in mind. All explanations about these two best provides are given in our complete guide, all you need to know about the best web hosting services. Please check it out to learn more.


How To Host Your Website

Hosting your own website is an easy process, all you need to do is to get your domain name, create your account with TMDHosting or SiteGround, start installing WordPress and creating your website. In case you want to change or are not satisfied with the service you already have, it’s possible to migrate your complete website from your existing website hosting provider to the best once listed here.

To start the website hosting process, we’ll work you through all details you need. Follow the steps below and go from having nothing to an operational website.

Domain Name Registration

Before to host your website, you need to get your domain name. You may already have your brand name as well as your domain name in the .com or other extensions, but in case you didn’t have, you can either go to GoDaddy to find the best domain name for your business, or follow the steps below to use TMDHosting domain name service.

If you need help on how to get your domain name, please read our complete post, how to register your domain name for your online business in 6 easy steps.


Website Hosting Types

Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Managed Hosting and Reseller Hosting. Are all different types you can choose from. With Starter, Business and Enterprise plans for each type.

Overall, you choose your “Type” first, and second, your “Plan” in that type. For example, the best type for startups is the “Shared Hosting”, giving you the best options to host your website, with unlimited bandwidth, free domain, premium support, high speed, free SSL, high security and much more. In that shared hosting type, you will have to choose one of the plans, Starter, Business or Enterprise.

Other types are used for different purpose. The “Dedicated Hosting” type is use by big companies, looking to have their own server dedicated to them. “VPS Hosting” type in other side, allows you to have a dedicated virtual machine in a shared physical server, and so on. Please check our complete guide to learn all about the web hosting services.

Web Hosting Plans

Web hosting providers have many plans you can choose from, these plans help you select the best option for your needs. You are a new entrepreneur and just starting your online business, maybe the first plan “Starter” will be the best for you, less options but very affordable. You are an existing and established business, maybe the “Enterprise” plan will be the best for you. Other offers also exist in different types. Learn more about all existing types in our full guide.

Now you may ask which plan I should choose for my business. Our complete guide explaining all about web hosting gives you a lot of details about existing plans and how to choose the best one for you. But in this post, we are going to give a short explanation to help you our find your best plan.

As their name, the “Starter” is designed for new business owners, this allows you to create only one website, if you are looking to create more than one website, this plan may not the best for you. “Business” and “Enterprise” plans, allow you to create unlimited websites, with more resources for the Enterprise plan.

Enterprise vs Business Plan

The benefit of getting the “Enterprise Plan” is the resources. The more memory dedicated to the memory cache instance the better. Memory cache called “Memcached”, is a general-purpose distributed memory-caching system. It is often used to speed up dynamic database-driven websites by caching data and objects in RAM, to reduce the number of times an external data source must be read.

Basically, more RAM of the total amount, could be dedicated for this purpose only. Also, the Enterprise package has 3GB RAM, 3 CPU Cores vs 1.5GB RAM and 2 CPU cores on the Business plan, the overall resources are increased in the Enterprise plan. But as a startup, you may not necessary need to go with the Enterprise plan when you create your first website, you can grow and change the plan in the future.

Get Started With Website Hosting

Usually with almost all applications, you need to create your account first and choose the plan you would like after. With TMDHosting and SiteGround web hosting services, you select your plan first, and your account will be created automatically after adding your account information.

Basically, with the purchase of a new hosting package, TMDHosting will also create an account for you. You need to follow three steps, choosing a domain name, entering the contact with billing information, and then completing the order. By doing so, you would have purchased a plan and also created your TMDHosting account.

In this example, we are going to use TMDHosting to select your type, your plan and get the hosting services ready to start creating your own website. SiteGround has the exact same steps, you will follow almost the same procedure using either one.

Step 1 : Open The TMDHosting Page

The first step to do for your website hosting process, is to open the TMDHosting platform. In the home page, click GET STARTED NOW.


Step 2 : Choose Your Web Hosting Type

In this step you will have many types to choose from, Shared Hosting, Cloud Sites, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers. In the menu you will also find other types, Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Reseller Hosting. Select your type by clicking GET STARTED.

As a startup, you may need the Shared Hosting to start with. If you are an established business and need more resources to handle many e-Commerce websites with a lot of products, you may need a Dedicated Servers. In this post, we are going to take the Shared Hosting as example.

TMDHosting Home Page 2.5

Step 3 : Choose Your Web Hosting Plan

Almost all types with small differences, have three different plans to choose from. Starter, Business and Enterprise. If you are looking to create only one website, go with the Starter plan. Most startups go with the Business plan because you can create more than one website. Some go with the Enterprise plan, since its offer more resources, which means more performance for your website and online business.

In this example we are going to choose the Enterprise plan, since we are looking to have more performance for our website. As explained in this post, Enterprise plan has benefits over the Business plan, but Business plan works well for your website if you just started. You can also go with the Starter if you think that you are going to use only one website. Be aware that you can grow from Starter to Business, and from Business to Enterprise in the future.


Step 4 : Register You Free Domain

TMDHosting offer you a free domain when you create a new account. In this step, you have two choices, if you already have a domain name, check “I already have a domain” and enter it in the field. In case you don’t have one yet, enter the domain name you want to use for your website and choose an extension, which can be .com, .org, .net, .info and much more.

If you are creating your own business website, the .com is the most commonly used, the “com” means “Commercial”. If you are an organization, you can use the “.org” which means an “Organization”.

In case you are creating a new domain, enter your domain name and click the button SEARCH, in this example I entered, and the domain is available. If the name is not available, you will see a message to enter another name, with a list of almost same available domain name propositions, if you like one of them, select it to be your domain name. Otherwise, search for another name to find the one you like.


Once you find the available domain name, you will be redirected automatically to the next step with the CONGRATULATIONS message.


To learn more about how to find the best domain name for your online business, check our two guides. How to choose the best name for your brand, and how to register your domain name using GoDaddy.

Step 5 : Enter Your Personal Information

In this step which is in the same page as the step 4, enter your email and password, as well as your personal information, like First Name, Last Name, Address and so on. It’s very important to enter your accurate and complete information, to avoid legal issues with you country authorities in the future.

For your account information, make sure to enter a valid email and a strong password, this will protect your website from hackers, since this is the account you are going to use to access your website portal.


Step 6 : Enter Your Payment Information

In this step, you have many options to choose from for your payment. You can use your Credit Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer, most people use PayPal or Credit Card. Once you enter your payment information, follow the steps below to complete your account creation.


Step 7 : Choose Your Service Options

In this step on your website hosting process, depend on your location, choose the one of the available TMDHosting datacenters. In my case, I selected Chicago since it’s the nearest location to me, in your case, you can select any location from the list.

You will find in the list, Chicago USA, Singapore SG, Amsterdam NL, London UK, Sydney AU and Tokyo JP. Just be aware that a Cloudflare CDN will be configured and is included for free in any plan you choose. This will speed up your website, allowing it to be available and accessible from any location in the globe.

In the second field, select the subscription period, it can be monthly, yearly, two or tree years. More the period is long, more you get discounts. We recommend starting with a yearly subscription to avoid paying higher and take time to test the provider.

If after the first year you are satisfied with TMDHosting which we guarantee you will, take two or three years subscription. You can also subscribe two or three years from now if you are comfortable and with peace in mind. This will allow you to get a good discount by using our coupon “Narily”.


The extra services is a great way to add more features to your website, you don’t have to select any of them at least when you start, they are all extra options and not mandatory, but if you think you need one or more, feel free to select the once you like. An extra payment will be added to your full price depending on the selected options.

The first option will be selected by default, since it’s the domain name itself, which is free and included in your plan. The Domain Privacy feature can be a good option to take, to hide you personal information from the public. Other options are one time payment, you can add them or keep using the free plugins after installing your WordPress, this will allow you to have the same features for free.


Step 8 : Enter Your Coupon Code (Narily Bonus)

The last option is your bonus. If you have a coupon code you can add it to get an extra discount to your full price. If you don’t have, don’t worry, We share with you for free our coupon code to get an extra discount. This field will be empty by default, enter our coupon code “Narily” and a discount will be applied automatically to your purchase.

Narily, Coupon Code

Step 9 : Validate And Complete Your Order

At the end, review all your information, check I agree to the TMDHosting Terms and click COMPLETE ORDER. The price and the discount may vary depend on the type and the selected plan. In this step and when it’s done, you completed your account creation. You should receive an email with all your account information. Open your email and follow the steps below to access your TMDHosting account.


Step 10 : Access Your TMDHosting Account

Congratulations! Your new TMDHosting account has been created and ready to be used. However, if the domain name is new, you may need to wait up to 24h before to get access to your website, for the domain name to propagate to all DNS servers all over the world.

Your email may have many links and URLs, but don’t be overwhelmed, to manage your account and your website, all you need are the following URLs : -> use this link to access your cPanel account, here where you manage your domains, sub-domains, emails, and the place where you install your WordPress -> You access your website using wp-admin, this link will allow you to access your WordPress dashboard and create your website including pages, posts, products, plugins, users and much more. You will spend most of the time in this page.

Install Your WordPress

After about 24h and when the domain name has propagated to the worldwide DNS servers, you can have access to your website and start installing your WordPress. To do so, access your cPanel account by opening the URL

Enter your username and password and click Log in. If you have any issue or can’t access your account, just open the TMDHosting main page, and contact the support team directly via the live chat, they are available 7/24 and answer in seconds.

TMDHosting, cPanel

After opening your cPanel account, scroll down up to SOFTACULUS APPS INSTALLER, many applications are available. Select the first one “WordPress”, which is the best website builder and is used with most of the websites in the world. This will allow you to create your website the easy way, just drag and drop with no code or tech skills needed.


Click on WordPress and click Install, make sure to delete the “wp” in the field “In Directory”.


Fill all information below, Site Name, Description, Admin Account, Password and Admin Email, make sure to put a strong password and an admin account you can remember, since this is the account you are going to use to access your website.


Keep the rest in the default configuration. If you would like to receive an email with installation details, enter your email in the field “Email installation details to” and click “Install“. The installation will begin and may take only few seconds.


Access Your Website Dashboard

After few seconds of WordPress installation, you can now access your website dashboard, by adding the wp-admin keyword at the end of your website name, it looks like this URL :

Enter your user and password you created when installing WordPress, and your dashboard website should open.


Final Thoughts

Congratulations! Finally, you get your website hosting account created with TMDHosting one of the best providers, you can follow almost the same steps with SiteGround as well.

From here, some configurations need to be done for your website to be ready 100%. Starting by configuring the first settings, adding the right theme according to what your website is going to be, adding pages, posts, plugins like Elementor and much more. Check our website to learn more about WordPress configuration and website creation.

What about your WordPress website project and your online business? You need help, ask any question you may have, and we’ll do our best to give you the right answer. Please feel free to share your experience with as by leaving a comment below.

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